Ethics Statement


That is our PRIMARY GOAL. To provide Quality Products, designed to fit Customer needs, on time and at fair prices. Profit is not our objective — it will RESULT from meeting our goals.


We must NEVER overlook our purpose for being in this business. It is necessary that we all work together, effectively, intelligently, in harmony — and keep our eyes on the ball.


Intellectual, moral and fiscal; in all our dealings — with customers, suppliers and each other. If anyone has to think twice about that, make the second thought "THE GOLDEN RULE" and you can't go wrong.


We must NEVER knowingly make promises we cannot keep. Excuses will NEVER substitute for performance. If we cannot perform — ALWAYS let the other party know at the earliest opportunity, so an alternative arrangement can be agreed on and implemented.


In our firm, our work, our appearance and our area of responsibility, let us each strive "TO ALWAYS DO IT RIGHT" — accurately, timely and neatly. Shoddy work is worse than a waste of time. If you don't know, asking for advice or help is a sign of STRENGTH, not weakness.


Although we carry the most complete variety of plywood items in Hawaii, inevitably there will be occasions when we cannot meet a customer's needs. We must NEVER misrepresent our products, in the endeavor to substitute. If we do not have what the customer requires, let's obtain it — or refer him to the competitor which stocks the item.


We all make them. NEVER attempt to cover up. Admit the error; seek help in determining a solution, and set corrective action in motion. Make it a LEARNING EXPERIENCE, to avoid ever repeating the same mistake.